Why You Should Use a Third-Party Service to Handle WordPress Product Updates

If you’re at the stage where your WordPress plugin or theme is ready for launch but needs the final touches such as update control, you should be taking a few important variables into account.

How much time do you have available? 

Building an update server to offer updates to your customers who purchase your WordPress product takes time. If you’re going to integrate a fully-fledged update server, you’re going to want to generate API keys upon purchase, validate that in your plugin, and then still set up the update server to serve those updates.

Using a third-party service such as WP Updatr, you can include our update script in your plugin or theme and with a few lines of code, you’ll be ready to start generating and validating API keys while releasing updates in a matter of seconds.

How much are you willing to spend?

Offering updates for your products are free, right? Not right. Besides taking into consideration the time it takes to set this all up and then maintain it in the long run (because your time is money), running a server still costs money. 

If you take for example a Digital Ocean droplet that costs you $5 a month ($60 a year) and hook it up to Server Pilot to handle the PHP & MySQL side of things $5 a month ($60 a year) and scale that as you grow, you’re looking at $120+ a year.

WP Updatr allows you to sign up for a free plan to get started. We’re not making money from you if you’re not making money. As you grow, so will your plan. You’d easily be making $30 000+ a year before you would need to sign up for our $47/year plan. 

It’s often easy to get distracted and want to build everything in your WordPress business. You would likely opt to buy or download a theme for your website that sells your product. Why would you want to build update functionality that is available straight out of the box?

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