Setting Up WP Updatr with Woocomerce

You will need the following plugins installed and active on your website before proceeding through this guide:

Obtain Your WP Updatr API Key #

Once installed and activated, login to your WP Updatr Account, scroll down to the API Credentials section and copy your API key. This API key will be prefixed with ELA-

Once copied, navigate to Settings > WP Updatr and enter in your API key, followed by selecting Woocommerce as your chosen integration.

Screenshot of the WP Updatr settings page.

Create Your WP Updatr Product #

Login to your WP Updatr Account, navigate to the Products page and click Add Product. Fill out the details of your WordPress product on this form. Note that the product details entered here must match the plugin or theme exactly based on its file and folder structure.

Screenshot of the Add Product page.

Once your product has been created, you’ll be redirected back to the Products page where you can obtain your Product Key. This key is prefixed with ELP-

Screenshot of the Product page.

Create Your Woocommerce Product #

Head on over to your WordPress dashboard and create a Woocommerce product under Products > Add New. Ensure that your product has the Virtual & Digital checkboxes checked. The product type can be set to anything of your preference including a subscription product (Woocommerce Subscriptions will be required for this).

The Virtual & Downloable Checkboxes have been checked

Scroll further down, within the same metabox and you’ll find three fields to configure for your WP Updatr licenses. All three fields are required.

Required fields for a Woocommerce product.

Product Key

This can be obtained by copying and pasting the Product Key from your WP Updatr Products page.

License Lifespan

Specify how long a license should be valid for once purchased. The value should be set in days (1 year = 365 and so on). This field only accepts a numerical value. To set it to unlimited, set the value to 0.

Site Usage Limit

Specify how many websites can use the API that is generated for a user. This is helpful when selling your product in 1, 3 and 5 site licenses. To set it to unlimited, set the value to 0.

Run a Test Purchase #

Save the product once these values have been entered and run a test purchase on your website. An API key should be generated in WP Updatr on the Licenses page.

Screenshot of API keys that have been created for a purchased product.

This API key will also be available for your customer when visiting their My Account page on your website as well as in the Order Complete email that is sent through Woocommerce.

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