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Release WordPress Product Updates In a Matter Of Minutes. Monitor Usage and Downloads For Each Update & More.

Getting Started

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All product updates are protected by means of a product and purchase API key. All product files are backed up off-site hourly too.

Less Code, More Features

Setting up an update server can take hours to get done. Get set up with WP Updatr in under 5 minutes.

Track Downloads

Monitor the performance of each product update that get's released.

Comprehensive Reporting

Tracking purchases is only a small part of your business. You need to see how many active users are using your product too.

Easy To Set Up

Sign up for WP Updatr. Install our WordPress Plugin. Include the Update Script in your product. Release your first update. Thats it. Done!

Monitor Product Usage

Selling WordPress products with licensed tiers is widely used in the WP ecosystem. Track how many times a license is used. You're leaving money on the table if you don't.


What Others Think Of Us

Setting up an update server can take hours - to a point where I wouldn't even do it for some products until I really need to. With WP Updatr, I can do this, and release updates so much faster.

Jarryd Long

Working on my plugins are my number one priority. Releasing updates just got easier after I used to release an update by logging into my license server via FTP to do it. This has been an investment for my business.

Keri Ashland


In A Nutshell


Frequently Asked Questions

No, unlike our competitors, we don’t process payments for your customer’s purchases. You can set up and sell your WordPress product through Woocommerce, Paid Memberships Pro or Easy Digital Downloads – we’ll handle the API key generation, update releases, download tracking and more.

A professional account allows for up to 500 API keys (purchases) to be created. All plans offer unlimited products, unlimited updates, unlimited downloads and full reports on every release.

WP Updatr’s plans are billed in USD. Depending on the plan made available at the time of purchase, this will typically be an annual purchase that renews once a year.

Yes! We don’t believe in locking you into anything. You can cancel at anytime.¬†

We’ll offer you a 100% refund within the first 30 days after your purchase. No Questions Asked.

Yes, you’ll automatically be given a 14 day trial upon signing up to see if WP Updatr is a good fit for you and your business.



Bring New Life Into Your WordPress Business

If you’re not monitoring usage, tracking downloads and releasing updates in a matter of minutes, you’re wasting time and money. Optimize your business and increase revenue today.